our specialties

online customer intelligence


browsing behavior modeling: discover patterns in customers’ online behavior and improve add-to-cart conversion by pointing them to pages of their interest


cross-device identify matching: improve your online ad targeting by linking browser/device IDs to their unique owner


predictive maintenance


industrial internet of things (IIoT): monitor manufacturing equipment performance and receive maintenance alerts to prevent impending failure


proactive technical support for managed IT services: predict and intercept a technical support call and prevent client site downtime


decision support and automation


visual data discovery: intelligent dashboards providing real-time insights and alerts in a manner that best connects with your decision thought process


automated business processes: predictive and prescriptive algorithms integrated directly into your IT infrastructure; self-learning decision engines and Theory of [your business]



  • Recommendation systems


  • Decision modeling and reinforcement learning algorithms


  • Event sequence modeling


  • Identity resolution


  • Interactive visual interfaces for intuitive data discovery


  • Social media mining


  • Data mining in sensors and distributed device networks


products and solutions

Tier 1. Proof of concept, working prototype and a roadmap to full-scale implementation; a nearly full-feature solution operating at a limited scale and low automation level. Test your ideas, experiment with what-if scenarios and start gaining critical insights


Tier 2. Interim deployment using a commercial cloud technology. Roll out Tier 1 working prototype to your internal user focus group. Conduct extensive testing, collaborate, co-develop with us, confirm and revise your requirements.


Tier 3. Full-feature full-scale solution deployment in the cloud or re-coded as an original software product with three key components:

  • Visual interface designed to match your decision-making thought process
  • Predictive engines running in the back end and integrated into your IT infrastructure
  • Solutions for data management and storage